So, Why would I Name my Blog PDE You Ask?

I took the name “Present day English” from my favorite undergraduate English class at USC. History of the English Language was my favorite class – ever. It felt refreshing to learn how the English language came to be spoken and written the way 21st century Americans  speak and write it.  The history of the language is divided into 3 distinct periods.  1) Early English, which very few people alive today could   decipher.  2) Middle English.  A very important period for the growth of the language.  (see 1066- the Battle of Hastings)

3) This brings us to the 1700’s, and as inventions such as the printing press and the march of time made more and more people literate,

transportation and industry demanded a uniform system of communication.  PDE gave us the common grammatical devices we take for granted now. Middle English poets were paid per word, thus the lengthy pieces of literature from that time.   Well, until next time.

I shall return.


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