Summer 2014: Time to Write !


Present Day English:

This Summer will be busy for me in terms of writing, research and promotion. I mean academic, social and business writing. Academically, I will have to narrow down my thesis topic. Socially, I have a magazine article to finish so I can start to promote it. Business wise, I will  continue to promote in Houston, New Orleans and Los Angeles. I will attend a few conferences, business mixers and trips to Leisure Learning/the Learning Annex  are in order. Fresh new Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter content is a priority.

In the classroom:

This past Spring semester was a challenge, to say the least. Now I understand the “diagnostic” essay on the first day of class! Towards the end of the semester, I was able to give the kids valuable time to sharpen their outlines, as well as familiarize themselves with their essay topic: “Is Google Making Us Stupid?” .

One of my student profusely thanked me for what he learned in the class, and I was somewhat pleasantly surprised and validated.

Each semester is a new opportunity to make a positive impact on a young person’s life, and I never loose site of that.




No One Ever Said Teaching Composition Would Be Easy

I often hear myself telling my students that every individual has a writing style, just like everyone has a fashion style that is all there own. My students tell me they have trouble with transmitting their thoughts from between their ears to paper. What is the key to effective writing? Planning! In or world, this means outlines for papers, and rough drafts for other forms of correspondence.


A good outline helps the writer to plan a paper from topic,concept, major points as well as total length. It should be viewed as a roadmap.Writing a difficult letter? Think about the key points it should stress, and in what order? All effective writing features, short, direct, to the point sentences – less is more! 

Make Your Blog More Dynamic with a Slider

The Blog

When you read the word “slider,” what do you think of?

Baseball? Burgers? How about blogs?

The best way to build an audience is to produce awesome content — write posts that your readers will devour, and keep them coming back for more. But what about the visitors who randomly stumble upon your blog? How do you grab their attention in the first place?

Enter the slider. A slider is a webpage element used to highlight a group of selected posts. The slider displays one post at a time, transitioning from one to the next automatically or at the click of a button. Often, the slider looks like a fancy slideshow located near the top of your site (in fact, a slideshow is a type of slider).

A slideshow of sliders — pretty meta, right?

When used effectively, sliders give your site a more dynamic feel. Then again, some web designers…

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